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Meet Marissa

Herbalist, Wellness & Nutrition Counselor

Marissa has been involved with nutrition and fitness for over 20 years and passionate about helping other women to feel empowered with their own health journey. She knew it was her God given gift/calling to help others on their journey to optimal fitness and health. Over the years she has worked with several women with weight loss, core restoring training, strength building, confidence building, nutritional coaching, healthy living & mindset coaching. Her passion for herbs started when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter back in 2015. It has been a growing passion to educate others of the incredible benefits of herbs, most we can find in our own backyard. 


Master Pet Herbalist

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Practitioner

Alchemical Herbalism- in progress

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer​

IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach​

Certified Professional Aromatherapist​

Certified in Herbal Medicine Making​

Certified Tabata Instructor​

Certified Barre Instructor​

Certified Pre-Post Natal Nutrition​

Certified Posture Specialist​

Core 101 Functional Medicine​

Z-Health Certificates; Essentials of Elite Performance


Benefits of Nutritional Detox, Energetic Herbalism, & Red Light Halotherapy 

How Can it Help?

Urban Gardening

By getting your body back to homeostasis and repairing your gut health, your body is better able to digest the nutrients it needs to optimally function.


A drug free, antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory therapy that greatly benefits the respiratory system. Halotherapy boosts the immune system, removes toxins, and aids in clearer skin.


In a toxic world we need to detox our body and keep those pathways open and functioning. 

Blue Dragonfly
Overall Health

We focus on overall wellness. Our system has been tweaked over the years to get your body and mind activated to help you reach your full potential utilizing movement, mindset coaching, nutritional coaching, holistic remedies using herbs, food grade supplements, and body work. 

Weight Loss

It all starts with the mindset! If you have been taking that fist step without retraining your brain, you may be doing it wrong. 


Stress leads to dis-ease.  Exercise, a healthy lymph, a detoxed body, and a well fed body and mind are keys to less stress.


Marissa is amazing to work with!!! She truly has a passion for helping people and the knowledge and skillset to get you results! Marissa is extremely down to earth and so very personable that I immediately found myself drawn to her and her style of training. I am a collegiate athlete and have been around a weight room and worked out for most of my life however, my form and posture needed some adjustments and has never looked better thanks to Marissa. I have worked out with many different trainers but she was the first to actually work on my posture and make me aware of when my form was off so I could self identify and correct it.

Marissa goes above and beyond to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and balance in your life as well as educating you along the way. I am so glad to have found Marissa and the motivation she has instilled back in me to make my health a top priority and enjoying it while I'm doing it. I highly recommend Marissa and everything she has to offer!

— Stephanie Barron


Halotherapy - Coming Soon


Herbal & Nutritional Consultations


Pet & Farm Herbal & Nutrition Consultations

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Reach Your Body's Fullest Potential

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